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History of the NVDMA
We would like to thank Mr. Phillip Bell, Sr., for having the vision of bringing together the funeral directors, embalmers and morticians of Maryland, D.C., and Virginia. It has been a long time passion for Mr. Bell to re-establish the Virginia Association, and with the help of a few colleagues, the vision came to past! On Wednesday, March 14, 2007, Mr. Phillip Bell, Mrs. Karen Howell-McPherson, Ms. Shaye L. Nelson, Ms. Billie Watson-Hughes, and Mr. Nelson E. Greene Jr. met with the Virginia Morticians Association to inform them of the vision of NVDMA...with a copy of the constitution in hand. At this meeting Mr. Craig Washington (President of the Virginia Morticians Association), approved the constitution and gave the members the approval to proceed with reforming the Northern Virginia District of Virginia Morticians Association. “Thank You” Mr. Phillip Bell Sr. for sharing your vision with us, and allowing us to help make your vision a reality!

The first official meeting for the Northern Virginia District of Virginia Morticians Association was held on Saturday April 21, 2007, at Greene Funeral Home. At this meeting the welcome and prayer were given by Mr. Nelson E. Greene, Jr. The meeting was presided over by Mrs. Karen Howell-McPherson. The official election of officers took place and the following were approved (President) Ms. Shaye L. Nelson, (President Elect) Mrs. Karen Howell-McPherson , (Recording Secretary) Mr. Harold S. Miner, (Chaplain) Mr. Nelson E. Greene, Jr., (Sergeant-At-Arms) Mr. Phillip Bell, Sr., (Chair of Education) Mrs. Winona Morrisette-Johnson, and (Chair of Fundraising) Ms. Carol Latney-Solomon . Membership dues was discussed and everyone in attendance joined NVDMA.

Purpose of the NVDMA
NVDMA is the Northern Virginia District Association of Virginia Morticians Association. NVDMA is a membership association of professional funeral directors, embalmers and morticians within the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. The members are also members of the State and National Associations. NVDMA is dedicated to working in partnership with one another, to recognize another, to educate, to advocate funeral service concerns, to help with the transitioning of funeral service interns/students into funeral service and to give back to the community.

The goals of this Association are:
(1) to create an environment of unity and celebrate one another;
(2) To become a strong voice in the political arena with funeral service concerns;
(3) To foster research, conduct workshops and seminars for funeral service to educate funeral service licensees, interns/students and community;
(4) To sponsor activities/events to fundraise for NVDMA;
(5) To implement a mentorship program for funeral service interns/students.

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